If a digital certificate error message appears when you try to retrieve RPNs or submit a Payroll Submission, please check the following four items:

  • That you can access your payroll data using also uses a copy of your digital certificate to access data. It can be a good test to see if the certificate is working. If you are unable to log into, or see your data in, you will need to contact Revenue for them to fix this.

  • You are using the same digital certificate in Payback that you are for

It is possible that the digital certificate you are using in payback is different to the digital certificate you are using in This is the most common cause of digital certificate problems. To complicate matters, Revenue can also expire your digital certificate early, or change permissions. If you can access data in ROS, but not Payback, then you are using different digital certificates.

  • Make sure that you are using the correct digital certificate in Payback

Try reloading your digital certificate from ROS following our Digital Certificate Guide, or for tax agents TAIN digital certificates.

When downloading the certificate from ROS, be careful that you do not mix it up with an old digital certificate that you previously downloaded. This is a common problem. You might need to clear your browser cache and rename the certificate file to stop this from happening.

  • Check that the Employer Number and Password are both correct

The Employer No. (found in the Contact Tab of the Company screen) Must be entered and be correct for the certificate to work. It is made up of seven numbers followed by one, or two letters. An example is 5266273H. Check the Password is correct. This is the same password you use to log into Note that you may have recently changed this password, especially if Revenue have recently expired your certificate. If you are a Tax Agent and have a TAIN digital certificate, ensure that the TAIN is also correct, and that you have permission to access all of your clients in

If you have followed the four steps above, and are still getting an error message, then you will need to contact Revenue for them to fix this for you.


If you are still getting a digital certificate error despite trying the four checks listed above, then we suggest contacting Revenue for them to fix their digital certificate problem. If you use MyEnquires in ROS, then everything will be in writing. You can even copy and paste the following (remember to type your error message)

I am having a problem with the Revenue digital certificate. I have tried:
- Logging into This works and I can see my data in ROS - Making sure that I am using the same digital certificate in my payroll software that I am using in ROS. I even cleared my browser cache before downloading it - I've checked that my Employer Number and digital cert Password are both correct in my payroll software. The error message I am getting from my Payroll software is [TYPE ERROR MESSAGE HERE] Please could you fix my digital certificate or issue a working one. It is not a payroll software problem. Thank you


We are unable to help with the following

Digital Certificate errors such as:

  • No active link between Agent TAIN and Employer Registration Number.
  • Agent does not have appropriate permissions.
  • Cert does not have appropriate permissions.
  • Unauthorised request: ROS Digital Certificate has expired.
  • Unauthorised request: Invalid ROS Digital Certificate provided.
  • Unauthorised request: Employer Registration Number and ROS Digital Certificate must be linked.

We would be very happy to help customers solve these errors. Unfortunately it is outside of our control. We are unable to issue new certificates, fix certificates or change permissions for certificates. Only Revenue can do that. We have no control over digital certificates and how they are issued. We frequently have customers tell us that Revenue have informed them that it is a 'Payroll Software Problem' if any of the above message appear. IT IS NOT!

Whenever one of the above messages have appeared, the solution has always come from Revenue. The Revenue agent will fix the problem and issue a new digital certificate. Sometimes the certificate will even suddenly start working once Revenue changes a setting on their server.


Our guide to digital certificates is here: Digital Certificates

Error 53 when Retrieving RPNs or submitting Payroll

An Error 53 can happen if there is a problem with the way Revenue's Digital certificate works with Windows, Payback and any other third party applications or processes.


We have now released a new version of Payback that solves this issue by putting the certificate in secure storage. Please upgrade to the latest version of Payback.

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