Payback Version 2014.03
Bug Fixes
ROS P35/P45 check button disappeared
If you select ROS P35 or ROS P45 in the reports screen a button should appear that allows you to run the check facility so you can correct any errors before uploading your return to ROS.
This button has now been reinstated.

P60 PRSI classes for this employment, section F
Ensure that PRSI classes set up in the Year to Date screen under old payroll system are also included in P60s.
(PRSI classes set up in the P45 previous employment tab, are not included)

P35 PRSI classes
The P35 only contains PRSI classes for this employment, including those set up in the year to date screen under 'Previous Payroll system'. PRSI classes from other employments, or P45 figures in the year to date screen are not included.

Pension and Salary Sacrifice adjustment error
If a pension was set up as well as Bike to Work/Taxsaver Ticket/Sacrifice/Illness/Maternity then the salary was incorrectly adjusted.

Default to Pensionable for quick set up
Bike to Work/Taxsaver Ticket/Sacrifice are all now defaulted to pensionable elements (Included in pension contribution calculations)

Employee Bank account number - only allow numerics
Only numbers {0123456789} are now allowed in the bank account number field in the Employee screen.

Change Support URLs
Support ticket URL changed from:
New support page URL added:

New Features
SEPA - Ulster Bank
This version is confirmed Ulster Bank SEPA compliant.

New routine to calculate total insurable weeks for ROS P35
Total insurable weeks are now always the total weeks of the sub-classes, regardless of what is set up in year to date.

P35 Check to see if old payroll system figures have been incorrectly entered.
Specifically if PRSI classes have not been correctly set up, causing the P35 to be rejected.

P35 Check to see if an employee has been paid zero for the year
Paying an employee zero for the year can cause ROS to reject the P35 because of incorrect PRSI class liability

Payback Version 2014.02

Bug Fixes
Every employee listed in P60 report.
P60s were being printed for all employees, including those that left during the year.
This has now been fixed. Only employees that were employed on 31 Dec will appear on the P60 report.

Year end screen crash
For people using the Year End screen, when the P30-ROS button in the Year End screen is clicked, the following message appears 'Run-time error ‘340’ ‘2010’ doesn’t exist.' and then Payback shuts down.
This has been fixed.

MS Outlook - email payslips
'Cannot find this file. Verify the path and file name are correct' message appears when using outlook to email payslips.
We were unable to recreate this problem. However, we have now changed the way this routine works, and this appears to have fixed the issue.

Split pay and SEPA
When using the Split Pay facility, the BIC and IBAN are not copied over when creating the SEPA credit transfer file.
This has now been fixed.

Employer number increased to 9 characters
The ROS P35 file was truncating the last character of employer numbers greater than 8 Characters long, causing ROS to reject the return.
This has been fixed. All characters of the employer number are now included in the ROS P35.

New Features
SEPA - Danske Bank
This version is confirmed AIB and Danske Bank SEPA compliant.

Importing data from other payroll products
In the Restore Data screen a new option has been added to make it easier for customers to transfer data from other payroll systems. We will be adding new payroll formats to this in future releases.

Payback Version 2014.01
We have released a new version for 2014. It can be downloaded from here:

IMPORTANT: Please back up your data before installing this update. (In Payback, click Admin / Backup / Backup and save the file somewhere like your desktop)

Download and run the setup.exe file, and follow the on-screen instructions. This will update your software to v2014.01. If you start Payback and notice your payroll data is not present, then you can restore your data from the back up you made (click Admin / Backup / Restore). When you have successfully upgraded, the version number in the title bar at the top of the screen in Payback should say 2014.01. Use the 'Year' drop down list at the top left of the Payroll screen to select the new year.

How to Update

NOTE: Do not uninstall your existing version of Payback.

1. Backup your payroll data (Click 'Admin' on the left, and then 'Backup')
2. Exit from Payback
3. Download the update and when prompted click 'Run'
4. This will start the Payback installation wizard. Proceed through each step by clicking 'Next'
5. Start up Payback
6. Payback will automatically detect your payroll data and copy it across
7. Check that the version number at the top of the Payback screen is the latest version
8. Check that your payroll data is correct and up-to-date
(9. If your payroll data is missing or is incorrect, then restore from the backup you took in step one)

Release Notes

Budget Changes

The main change in the Budget was to Employer PRSI. The 4.25% employer PRSI rate currently applied to employees with weekly earnings of €356 or less, will revert to the original 8.5% rate from 1 January 2014. The halving of the 8.5% employer rate to 4.25% was implemented on a 2½ year time limited basis to apply from 1 July 2011 until the end of 2013. There are no changes in the higher 10.75% employer PRSI rate.


Information about Payback and SEPA can be found here: . Different banks require different fields to be filled for SEPA credit transfers. For example, a SEPA compliant file might be acceptable to AIB, but be rejected by BoI. In addition to this, not all banks are SEPA ready. This means we will have to release further updates as more banks become SEPA ready. If your bank is not yet SEPA ready, you can continue to use the Paypath standard to transfer wages.

Illness Benefit

From 6 Jan 2014 Illness Benefit payment will not be made for the first six days of illness (up from three days). This means that a person will not be entitled to Illness Benefit for the first six days of their claim (unless the person was receiving Illness Benefit, Injury Benefit or a jobseekers' payment immediately before their claim). Claims with a commencement date before 6 Jan 2014 and those coming from Maternity Benefit will not be paid for the first three days of illness.