A networked version of Payback is where the database is stored on a server and is accessed by one or more client machines. If you need more than one person to access the same payroll data, on computers connected to the same network, then you should set up a networked version of Payback.

If the computers are not connected on the same network, for example if you have offices spread across the country, then is the solution.

Step One

  • Backup your existing copy of Payback.
  • Upgrade to the latest version of Payback, which can be found HERE
  • Create a new folder on your server machine where you want to store the data
  • Copy your data file (paydata2017_08.log*) to the folder you created on the server machine
  • Install Payback on all the machines you wish to run it from, including wherever you are going to hold the data. Use the latest version of Payback to do this.

*Note that your database file will be called something like paydataYYYY_VV.log - where YYYY is the year and VV is the version number. You can normally find your database in the folder: C:\PaybackData\ on the current computer your are using. 

For example the first version of 2018, the file will be called C:\PaybackData\paydata2018_01.log

Use the highest year and version number.

Step Two

  1. Open Payback on one of the machines and select 'Support' at the top left of the screen.
  2. Click the 'Support' icon
  3. Select the 'Diagnostics' tab
  4. Click the 'Database location' button. A file dialogue box will appear.
  5. Select the data file on your server (eg: Q:\Data\Payback\paydata2018.01.log)
  6. Restart Payback.
  7. Ensure that you are reading the correct datafile by making a test payment (you can rewind this afterwards)
  8. Enter your registration details on each machine that is running Payback. These can be copied from the Admin>Registration Screen of the first machine.

Repeat steps 1-8 for all the machines you wish to run Payback from. 
Note that you can also set up users in Payback. The Audit log records all actions by each user.

Important Notes

If you are running a networked version of Payback, you should ensure that all machines are running the same version of Payback. If you update to a newer version of Payback, run the same update on all the machines so they are all running the same version. (Failing to do this may cause different machines to see a different copy of the data, which causes confusion and may result in loss of data)


Setting up multiple users

Payback can be set up as a multi-user system. Here is how to set up users:

Setting up Users

  1. Click 'Ulility' on the menu at the bottom left of the screen.
  2. Click the 'Users' icon. The screen to set up users will appear.
  3. Click 'Add New User' button at the top of the screen.
  4. Enter a user name and password that you will remember.
  5. Enter the same password into the confirm password box (This is to ensure you have not mis-typed the password)
  6. Select the security level. The most common one to select here is 'Administrator'. You must have at least one administrator set up in Payback.
  7. Type your email address. If you forget your password, then you'll be able to get it sent to this email address.
  8. Click 'Update User' at the top of the screen.

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