Depending on the day you pay your employees, you may end up in a 'Week 53' scenario. Here we explain why some PAYE years have 53 weeks.

PAYE Modernisation - 'Smart PAYE'

The UK introduced a system where employers are obliged to file payroll returns electronically for each payroll run. Now Revenue intend to implement a similar system.

Archiving Companies and Employees

Payback is a multi-year Payroll system. This means that the same version of Payback can be used to process payments from prior years. It is easy to select an old year to check or process payments. It is possible to archive old Companies and Employees from previous years so that the Company and Employee screens are not cluttered with years' worth of old data.

Checking your figures

If you believe the figures are not quite correct, this guide will show you where the problem may be.

Changing regional settings

Instructions for changing regional settings if this message appears:

Change regional settings to English(Ireland)or English(UK).
Warning: Change regional settings date format from'-' to '/'

The P30 report might not work if the regional settings are incorrect

Solutions to problems downloading and installing

Solutions to problems downloading and installing

Payback has disappeared or getting a Trojan horse message

We have received some reports of people either getting a Trojan Horse message or Payback suddenly 'disappearing' from their computer.

This is a false positive report and we've informed Microsoft so they can remove this from their threat database.

We can confirm that there is no virus or malware threat.

Problems downloading and installing solved

Sometimes web browsers or anti-virus software can prevent the smooth installation and update of Payback.

Payback has been digitally signed and is safe to download from our secure website.