Move Payback from one computer to another

If you upgrade or change your computer you may have to move your software across from your old computer to your new one. These detailed instructions will guide you through the process of moving Payback from one computer to another - without losing any data.

Importing tax credits file (P2C)

These instructions will guide you through updating your employees' tax details with a P2C tax credits file. Please check here if you have any problems or believe that the data has not updated correctly.

Backing Up and Restoring Data

How to back up and restore your Payback data. We strongly advise users to make frequent back ups of their payroll data. A back up should always be made before downloading and installing a Payback update.

Email Payslips

It is possible to email payslips to your employees. Payback offers a range of options to do this, using either Payback mail servers or your own mail server.

You will need to be using at least version 2016.07 before emailing Payslips as we have updated the server options.

Community Employment Scheme

There is a particular way of setting up Community Employment Scheme employees to ensure that they are taxed correctly. For example, Revenue insist that the payment should be processed as not being liable for USC, rather than as being liable for USC at 0%. 

Maternity and Paternity Pay

Employees may now be entitled to Statutory Paternity or Maternity pay. Both of these are taxable and may be processed through payroll. These instructions show how to quickly set up these two payments.

Illness Benefit

From 6 Jan 2014 Illness Benefit payment will not be made for the first six days of illness (up from three days). This means that a person will not be entitled to Illness Benefit for the first six days of their claim (unless the person was receiving Illness Benefit, Injury Benefit or a jobseekers' payment immediately before their claim). Claims with a commencement date before 6 Jan 2014 and those coming from Maternity Benefit will not be paid for the first three days of illness.

Illness Benefit is taxable. However, it is paid to the employee without any deduction of income tax. This is why Illness Benefit is put through the payroll - so that it can be correctly taxed.

Data extract and reports

Getting the data you require from Payback.

Salary Sacrifice, Bike to Work, Taxsaver Ticket

The cycle to work and Taxsaver ticket schemes work on a salary sacrifice principle. These instructions show you how to set these schemes up and describe how they work.

Send your data to Payback Support

We may sometimes need to see your data before we can solve a support query. We have made it easy for you to send us your data, by following these instructions.

(Please do not send us your data unless we need to see it!)

Producing P45s (Leavers)

When an employee leaves employment, they should be 'P45ed'. You can P45 an employee by clicking the P45 button in the employee screen. They will no longer appear in the Payroll screen for pay dates after their leave date.

Set up a networked version of Payback

If you want to use Payback across a local area network so that more than one user can use the same database, here are the instructions.

(Note: We do not charge extra for multi-user system)

Creating a List of Employees

As part of PAYE Modernisation, Revenue are instructing employers to submit to them a list of employees. This is so they can 'align their data'. You can create this list using Payback by following these directions.

Transferring data from Thesaurus

How to transfer data from Thesaurus.

We currently do not have an automated way to transfer data. However, it is still possible to transfer data following these instructions.