PAYE Modernisation is a new procedure for processing payroll. Instead of downloading or typing in Tax Credit (P2C) information, this is now downloaded from the Revenue Server. P2Cs or Tax Credit certificates are now called RPNs. When you have processed your payroll for a pay date, now you have to submit all the information to Revenue. P35s, P45s and P60s have been done away with for 2019 onwards (You still have to do P60s and P35 for 2018). Revenue will know when there is a employee leaving via the submission you make. There are two parts to PAYE Modernisation:

  1. Download and update RPNs
  2. Submit Payroll information to Revenue

You will still pay Revenue in the same way, on the same date as your existing P30.

Before starting with PAYE Modernisation, please ensure that you've completed the following:

☑ Upgraded to the 2019 version of Payback. You can see the version number at the top of the screen and it should be 2019.03 (or higher)

☑ Finished processing payments for 2018. You do not have to do your 2018 P35 just yet, but you should complete paying people for 2018. You can do this in the 2019 version.

☑ Ensure that your Windows System Clock is set to the correct date and time. This is important because Revenue insists on a timestamp as part of their authorisation procedure.

☑ Your Windows date format should also be set as described here:

Reasonably good internet connection. You will need unhindered broadband access to the internet from the computer you will be running Payback on.

☑ For people using older versions of Windows (like Windows 7), you may need to install Microsoft Dot Net. Please download and install the update on this page:




PMOD - PAYE Modernisation

PSR - Payroll Submission Request (Similar to a P35, but also with P45 information)

RPN - Revenue Payroll Notification (The new name for P2C or tax credit imports)

Digital Certificate - A file containing your unique key for logging into ROS

ROS Payroll Reporting - Manual Upload. Using files to upload Payroll Submission Requests and to download Revenue Payroll Notification, like the current ROS P35 /P2C method

Direct Payroll Reporting - Seemless Integration. Upload and download data to ROS directly, using Payback

Step One - Digital Certificate

You only have to do this once. Upload your ROS digital certificate for your company in the Revenue> Digital Cert Screen. The password is the same as that you use for logging into ROS. Agents should follow a slightly different process.

More information here:

Agents (TAIN) information here:


Step Two - Download RPNs

Revenue instruct that this should be done prior to each pay run. RPNs can be updated under Revenue> Get RPN. It works in a very similar way to the old way of downloading P2Cs.

More Information here:


Step Three - Process Payroll

Now it's time to process your payroll in the usual way in the Main> Payroll screen.

Information here:


Step Four- Submit to Revenue

When you have completed steps 1-3 above, you can now submit all of your payment information to Revenue. This can be done under Revenue> Submit

More information is here:


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