Operating system is okay
(PMOD direct reporting will not work on Windows XP or older)

If you are running Payback on an XP machine, then Direct reporting will not work. You'll have to either:

  • use ROS reporting where you manually upload and download files.
  • Upgrade your Computer to a newer operating system (preferably Windows 10)
  • Move to CloudPay

.NET Framework 4.7.03056 was detected
(PMOD direct reporting requires at least .NET v4.6.1)

Windows 10 automatically includes this. If you have and up to date version of Windows 10 then should not have any problems. If you are running an older version of Windows you may need to install this update:


ROSXML.exe installed

This does all of the encrypting. If this file is missing then PMOD will not work on your computer. Try re-installing Payback.

Digital Cert file found
digicert1.p12.bac found in C:\PaybackData

You may have inadvertantly deleted your digital certifcate file from the PaybackData folder, or forgotten to move it if transferring Payback to a new computer. If this reports that the digital certificate was not found, please reimport your digital certicate into Payback.

Digital Cert is Valid

Checks to make sure that your password works with the digital certificate. If there is a problem with your certificate, please re-import it. If the problem persists, contact Revenue for a new digital certificate. The phone number for the National Employer's Helpline is Phone: 01 738 3638 or 1890 254 565

Current date and time is: 10/01/2019 14:46:25

Your Windows system clock should be set to the correct time - exact to the second - preferably with 'Set Time Automatically' selected in Windows.

The date format should also match the above. If it does not, 

  1. Right click on the Date and time at the right bottom corner of your screen.
  2. Click on Date and time settings and click on Change date and time format on right pane.
    Make sure that the date parts (day/month/year) are separated by slashes '/' rather than minus signs '-' or spaces.
  3. Under 'Region and Language' make sure you have selected English.
  4. Short date should be dd/MM/yyyy (four digits for the year)

Employer No: 3856530H

These checks are for the indicated employer number. Each separate company either has it' own digital certificate or is under a TAIN (agent) certificate. IF this is blank, please enter an Employer No in the Company>Contact tab and update the Company.

Not a TAIN digital certificate

A certificate can either be a TAIN certificate or not. If it is a TAIN certificate then a TAIN must be entered in the Bureau screen: https://www.payback.ie/support/paye-modernisation/tain-agent-digital-certificates/

File Signing delay: 3 Seconds

For very slow computers or exceedingly large request files, this delay may need to be increased. It is very unliekly that this will ever need to be changed from 3 Seconds.

Handshake Succeeded.

If you do not see this message then direct reporting will not work. Please refer to the listed error messages to see what the problem is. The handshake success is dependent on all of the above working.