Update Instructions

NOTE: Do not uninstall your existing version of Payback.

1. Backup your payroll data (Click 'Admin' on the left, and then 'Backup')
2. Exit from Payback
3. Download the update and when prompted click 'Run'
4. This will start the Payback installation wizard. Proceed through each step by clicking 'Next'
5. Start up Payback
6. Payback will automatically detect your payroll data and copy it across
7. Check that the version number at the top of the Payback screen is the latest version
8. Check that your payroll data is correct and up-to-date

If you can not see your data after running the update, make sure that you have the correct payment frequency and department etc selected. If you still can not see your data, restore using the back up you took in step one above.

While the new version is installing, if a pop-up box appears with an error message or saying that Payback is still running, please restart your computer, logging in as an administrator, and then try running the update again.

If other error messages still appear during the installation process (such as I/O errors or writing to disk errors), check that you do not have virus software running that is preventing the installation. You may have to temporarily disable your virus software.