Revenue uses Digital Certificates to ensure that data is securely transmitted to their servers and that only permitted users can submit information. A digital certificate is a file containing your unique key for logging into ROS. If you try to open it in a text editor, you will only see encrypted text.

Payback uses these files to communicate with ROS. Once this is set up, you will not have to worry about it again until your certificate expires in a couple of years time.

How to find your certificate

If you already have your ROS digital certificate and password handy, you can skip this part and move onto 'Loading your ROS digital certificate'

Before proceeding with this, you should have registered with ROS and have a ROS account. On the computer and browser you use to log into ROS, open

Click on the 'Manage My Certificates' link.

Saving your certificate

To save your certificate.

Click the circular arrow next to the certificate name that you log in with to save the certificate file. It will be saved as a .bac file. You will need this file for the next step.

Loading your ROS digital certificate

Select the new 'Revenue' section on the Payback menu.

Click the  'Digital Cert' icon. The Digital Certificate screen will appear.

Select Digital Certificate file

Select the company you wish to assign the digital ceritificate to using the Company drop down at the top of the screen. Make sure that you select the correct company for the certificate, otherwise your submissions will fail!

You can either drag and drop the certificate file onto the box or click the 'Load Certificate' button. Note that file name should end in P12 or bac

When you have successfully selected your certifcate file, a blank certificate will appear in the box.

Enter Password and validate

The final step to enter your certifcate password in the password box and then click the 'Update' button at the top of the screen.

If it all went well you should see a screen similar to the one opposite. Note that the certificate now has an expiry date that should be some time in the future.

You now have to repeat this process for any other companies you may have set up.

The password is the same password you use to log into ROS.

Important Notes

  • If you use the wrong certificate for your company, the certificate will load but your submissions will fail.
  • Attempting to load a file that is not a Digital Certificate file or does not have the file extension 'P12' or 'bac' will cause an error message saying "This is not a valid P12 Digital certificate"
  • If you certificate expires or you used an incorrect certificate, click the 'Replace' button at the top of the screen to load a new certificate.
  • When you certificate expires, you will need to obtain a new certificate from ROS and re-import it into Payback by clicking the 'Replace' button.
  • You must enter the correct password for the certificate and click the Update button to successfully import a certificate
  • Dragging a certificate onto the box will not move the certificate from your computer. Payback makes a copy of it.
  • For multi-user (networked) version, you only need to load the certificates on one computer. The other computers will automatically have access to the certiifcate.

If there is a problem with your certificate, please contact Revenue's employer helpdesk at 01-7383638



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