Sometimes our downloads are blocked by the Edge web browser. This typically happens after we have released an update or new version and Microsoft have not yet updated their records with the new file.

After each update we report the download as safe.


If you continue to have problems with the download, despite following the instructions below, we suggest using a different browser, such as Chrome, or to move to our online payroll software, Cloudpay. With Cloudpay you never again need to run updates as this is all done for you. If you would like to move to Cloudpay, please email and we can transfer your licence and payroll data.

How to stop Edge from blocking the download

If when you try to download Payback the message opposite is displayed, it means that the Edge web browser has incorrectly determined that the file may be a threat. Every time we issue a new release, we have to report it to Microsoft to stop this message appearing.

Unfortunately, Microsoft may take a while to update their records, so this message appears.

Step one: Allowing the download.

If you hover your mouse over the message, then in the right hand side three dots appear.

Select the three dots and a sub-menu will appear with 'Keep' as an option.

Note that it is not the top three dots, but the one next to the message you should click

Step two: Allowing the download

Another box will appear, with the options Delete and Cancel.

There is also a link that says Show More. Please click this link.

Step three: Allowing the download

When you have clicked the link, three options appear.

Select 'Keep Anyway'

Step four: Allowing the download

Now you will be able to download and install Payback.

Click 'Open File' to begin the installation process


I am trying to download the 2024 version but it states Windows cannot access the specified device path or file. You may not have the appropriate permission.

We suggest using the Chrome browser to download the update file. If this error message still appears, right click the link in the downloads screen and select 'save link as' or 'save target as' and save the file to your desktop.

You can then run the file from your Windows desktop

When I tried to run the setup file from the desktop as per the instructions, the security system "Symantec" would not allow it and deleted the file.

Please could you disable Symantec while you install and run the update. You can do this by:

In the SEP SBE client, in the right sidebar, expand either [+] Disable Antivirus or [+] Disable Firewall.
Choose a time period:
15 minutes
1 hour
5 hours
Until system restart

Trying to download updated version of payback, norton antivirus blocking download -reason given WS reputation 1 this removes the file

Temporarily disable Norton Anti-virus before installing Payback. Instructions can be found here:

Step 1:
Click the small triangle on your Windows taskbar to open the notification area. Right-click the Norton Antivirus icon for a list of options related to the security suite.

Step 2:
Click "Disable Smart Firewall" to temporarily shut down the firewall.

Step 3:
Click "Disable Antivirus Auto-Protect" to temporarily disable anti-virus protection. You can specify the amount of time you want to disable the program.

Payback is virus checked and contains no malware. It is also digitally signed.

I get the following error when trying to update the software: An error occured when trying to rename a file in the destination directory: MovedFile Failed; Code 183 Can not create a file when that already exists

We are not 100% sure why this error appears. It seems to be related to a Windows Update.

The only solution we have found is to ensure that Windows 10 has all updates and patches installed and then to restart your computer and run the setup.exe file as an administrator. (You can run as administrator by right clicking on the setup.exe and selecting 'Run as Administrator' from the menu).

Unfortunately, it may take four or five computer restart attempts for the installation to work correctly. 

I downloaded the 2024 version but when I go in to Payback it is showing 2023 at the top

Please ensure that you are running version 2024.01. You can check this by looking at the title bar in Payback. If you are not running 2024.01, then please follow these instructions to upgrade:

If you are running 2024.01, then you can change the year to 2024 by selecting 2024 in the Year drop down in the Payroll screen.

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