When you have successfully imported and updated your tax credits information (RPNs), the next step is to process the pay for your employees. Once that is complete and you are happy that everything is correct, it is time to make your submission to Revenue.

The Main Submission Screen

Click the 'Submit' icon on the menu at the left and you see the main submission screen.

It is in a similar format to the main Payroll screen in Payback. We have retained the same user experience so that you do not have to re-learn a new system.

You will see a calendar much like the Payroll screen calendar at the left of the screen. Notice that there are little grey envelopes next to each pay date. At the right of the screen there is a grid with list of employees who have had their pay processed in the Payroll screen. If you have not processed any payments for the selected date, this grid will be empty.

At the bottom are familiar tabs that show detailed information about the submission.

Summary Tab

There are two columns in the summary tab. The figures relate to the current pay date for the selected payment frequency and company.

On the left side are the Payback Figures. These are the current figures for processed payments in Payback.

The figures on the right are the figures that have been previously submitted to Revenue for this pay date. These can be retrieved by clicking the 'Retrieve' button below the figures box.

Ideally, both boxes should match. Ie, the figures in Payback tally with those submitted to Revenue.

Submission Errors Tab

If there are any problems with the submission, then details appear in this tab.

Errors are colour coded Red

Warnings are colour coded Orange.

XML (Extended Markup Language) Tab

You can see exactly what is being transmitted to Revenue for each submission via this tab. By copying and pasting the contents of this tab into a text document, you can manually upload vis the ROS website.

Use this information if you would like to examine what is being submitted. Hint: Open the text document in a web browser for easier reading.

Log Tab

Everytime you send a payroll transmission to Revenue, details about the submission and associated Revenue response are logged. You will see all transmissions listed here.

Making a Submission

Revenue instruct that Payroll Submissions should be made on or before you make a payment to your employee.

Each submission contains extensive information about your employees and the payment, including:

  • Payment Date
  • RPN Number
  • Tax information (PAYE, PRSI, USC and LPT)
  • Personal information about the employee (Date of birth, address, PPS Number...)
  • Pension, benefits and other data

The RPN number is used to enforce tax credit information. If an 'out of date' RPN is used to process the payment, Revenue will know and issue a warning.

With this in mind, we suggest limiting the amount of information you store about your employees.

Successful Submission

Select the year (2019), the company, the frequency and click on the pay date on the calendar. The grid will fill with all the employees that you have processed a payment for.

If you are happy that the figures are correct in the Summary tab, click the 'Submit' button at the top of the screen. The ROS Injector dialogue screen will appear to create and transmit your submission.

You may notice that the transmission works in a slightly different way to retrieving RPNs. Revenue may not process the submission immediately, especially if there is a load on the server or you have a large submission to process. For this reason, Payback will Poll the revenue server for up to 30 seconds to check that the submission has gone through.

Submission with Warnings

You may get a successful submission, but with warnings.

If this happens, you'll see that the envelope in the calendar has turned orange instead of the expected green.

A submission with just warnings will still have gone through and be recognised by Revenue. Your tax liability will change by the submission amount.

Viewing the warning

To see the warning, click on the 'Warning' tab. In this example, an out of date RPN was used.

Note that the submission log also has a '1' recorded in the Orange 'Warnings' column for the last submission

Submission with Error

For this example, we have updated the employee's PPS Number with an incorrect PPSN. Submitting this has caused the Revenue server to generate an error in response.

Notice that the Revenue summary is now zero and the envelope in the calendar is now red.

The error will have to be corrected and re-submitted

Correcting a Submission

If a previous submission resulted in errors and you have fixed these errors, you can re-submit to revenue.

To correct 'Red' submissions, click the 'Submit' button again. If all the errors have been corrected, the envelope should change to green and the correct figures appear in the summary tab.


Correcting a Warning

For 'Orange' submissions (those with warnings), these can be corrected by clicking the 'Resubmit' button instead of the 'Submit' button.

If all the warnings have been corrected, the evelope should change from Orange to Green.

Deleting a Submission

If you would like to completely delete all submissions for the selected pay date, so that the Revenue figures are zeroed, click the 'Delete' button.

The envelope will turn back to grey and the Revenue figures will return to blank in the Summary tab

Important Notes

  • We have noticed that there can sometimes be a delay between a successful submission and the correct figures being updated on the Revenue server. If the figures do not match, wait a while and check again. If they still do not match, please contact Revenue.
  • Payback handles corrections by automatically deleing previous submissions and re-submitting fresh. This is a far simplar way of processing and is far less error-prone. Our parallel testing has shown this to be the best approach.
  • We have had feedback that when customers are contacting Revenue, they will try to bounce the query back to the payroll provider. This has happened in instances where we have no control over the problem. When pushed, Revenue have been able to resolve the issue.
  • The phone number for the National Employer's Helpline is Phone: 01 738 3638 or 1890 254 565
  • Email Please use the secure 'MyEnquiries' service available in myAccount or ROS.


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